All publications related to the study will be posted here - please check back for updates. 

The first two papers from the study are now available as preprints prior to peer review:

Place, cause and expectedness of death and relationship to the deceased are associated with poorer experiences of end-of-life care and challenges in early bereavement: Risk factors from an online survey of people bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic

L. E. Selman, D.J.J.Farnell, M. Longo, S. Godd, K. Seddon, A. Torrens-Burton, C.R. Mayland, D. Wakefield, B. Johnston, A. Byrne, E. Harrop. 


Support needs and barriers to accessing support: Baseline results of a mixed-methods national survey of people bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic

 E. Harrop, S. Goss, D. Farnell, M. Longo, A. Byrne, K. Barawi, A. Torrens-Burton, A. Nelson, K. Seddon, L. Machin,  E. Sutton, A. Roulston, A. Finucane, A. Penny, K.V. Smith, S. Sivell, L.E. Selman


Click here to access the interim report of data from the bereavement survey: "Supporting people bereaved during COVID-19: Study Report 1, 27 November 2020"